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La Technologie Laser

V2 Laser Technology

100% Laser

Laser Game Evolution uses 100% laser technology that makes a precision game in which we must aim just to earn points.

We do not use infrared to recognize and register the keys, as this technology is much less accurate than the laser. The duels are more often won by the one who takes the first with an infrared gun with a 100% laser gun.

Total Security

What interest to participate in a chase game without being able to run one after the other! Collisions can happen in a game of Laser Game Evolution, which is why the gun and vest, made in France, are not rigid foam plastic.

Furthermore, the lasers used meet the strict standards imposed by the European Community for general public use.

All this for more security for more immersion in the game!

Perfect Handling

The gun, ultra-light, can be held in one or two hands according to the tastes of the players.
No obligation to press a button or take your gun with 2 hands to be able to shoot. A
complete freedom is offered to you during the game!

Full Customization

Want to change your name during a part time? No problem, the Laser Game Evolution hardware lets you choose your nickname!

Nobody will force you to rename yourself

Our equipment is also fully configurable and you can create your own ways to play by setting shooting refills, by enabling or disabling targets, giving you energy points ...

Consult your center to find out more!