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Profil type Lapin


The rabbit is the beginner player who is still in his first or second part. Everyone was rabbit at least once his life, and few are those who managed to stand up to experienced players.

But there is a breed of rabbit launching regular duels with former players ... After these many parts are those that have touched the scoring records ... negative!


Choose ... Run fast or take cover and hope nobody spots you.

You can also SHOUTING FORT no reason to hope destabilize your opponents! Your only concern after that will run even faster because everyone will know where you are.


We identified 3 types of game rabbits ... There are certainly many more (it would further research ...)

The rabbit flagship : Ask yourself somewhere in a high place or through a murderous and let your laser set straight ahead. With a little luck you can deactivate a player who will pass it without notice.

The rabbit-frantic : As you run, or you cry (or you do the 2 together) pull anywhere on anything that moves without any questions asked. The next step is to think before hammering at other players, it may well be one of your teammates in the lot!

The rabbit-ninja : The rabbit-ninja is often lurking in the shadows ... To wait until a player passes near his position. When he feels ready, he leapt to his target and shoot everywhere around the player causing nice light patterns (actually he tries to get it right ...). The rabbit ninja fails to distinguish still not friends not enemy.