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Partie classique

Classic Game

Laser Game Evolution is a shooting game where several players compete in individual or team to score maximum points.


Game play is very simple : During each 20 minute session, each player is equipped with a laser vest


Successful hit on an opponent : 100 points
Being tagged : -50 points
Successful hit on a teammate : -50 points for the both players
This is the Raptor's counting mode. There are many more, check your Laser Game Center !


A game module is an accessory that is not a player but can affect the game. Each module has its particularity . Check with your center to find out what module(s) he has ;)

The Trap

The trap protects an area. When activated all players who are nearby are off and lose 50 points! Be vigilant.

The trap works in 2 ways , either active or passive mode :

  • In active mode, the trap is always on , you will pull the target light to turn off a short time .
  • In passive mode , the trap is always off. if you shoot the target on its light will activate for a limited time


The checkpoints are made to the team game . They are used in the Domination game mode and earn points as long as you control .

Laser Door

The laser works like a door green laser wall. Whoever crosses when activated will lose 50 points!
Laser door is always activated , you will draw its target for a light off a short time .