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The concept Yoo Moov Stations

More than an attraction, Yoo Moov Resorts is a hyper space travel agency that will transport you to the other side of the galaxy!


Unless billionaire difficult to afford a real ticket to the stars .. For those not so lucky, the space-time travel agent YOO MOOV STATIONS will virtually travel in space. This amusement park, located in the City of Sciences, will be integrated Vill'Up large shopping center which will open late 2016. Built as a true space agency Yoo Moov Station offers different routes to the traveler: The initiatory journey of 25 minutes and the long journey (1:30).


YOO is a young scientist all landed right in the future. He is the commander of the MOOV machine, the ship on which passengers are invited to board.

Through a wormhole in the atmosphere, the MOOV machine can move from space to land without problems. This is at least what YOO believe the beginning of the adventure ...

The boy is the true spatial guide, he punctuates each attraction of his comments, accompanies the traveler throughout his journey, defines the mission objectives.

Moov is an adorable little creature whose gaffes repeatedly disrupt the proper place of the trip. More than once, his awkwardness will complicate the task of the crew,


Go behind the scenes of Yoo Moov Stations!

Yoo-Moov-theme from YOO MOOV Stations on Vimeo.