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The concept Squaser

Discover the Laser Squash!

The Squaser is a game racket latest generation, unique in the world, which is the only integrating laser technology!

Each player with a racket, aims to cut the most possible laser fast-paced music during 2 minutes 30 of the game.

Inspired by the Squash The Squaser be played alone, or in a duel in relay mode with multiple players.

Ideal to work your cardio and endurance!


The game takes place in a room of about 30m², black light lit and equipped columns emitting lasers of the 4 corners of the room.

The atmosphere is completed by smoke.


Through its various levels of play, from the easiest for children to insane levels for the most discerning, the Squaser is accessible from 3 years!

However, Squaser can be very physical and we advise pregnant women and people with heart to try.

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