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To mark the release of his title Walilo Welela, Luyanna came to meet his fans in the Laser Game Evolution network.


LUYANNA means "RAIN FALLING" in Native American, she was born in January 1989.

On Lusitanian origin, it is bathed in Latin and Native American music since his childhood. Fascinated by the culture and history of the American Indians, Luyanna wanted to honor them, so to feel closer to them every day.

After obtaining his degree, she joined the school of professional music training "Scene of the International Arts Studio" in Paris. On the program there was, singing, dance, theater and musical. It will quickly noticed by the producers of Lucenzo "Faouze & Fabrice" who see it as a budding star.

The tour

Luyanna came in 2015 in the centers:

Le Havre
Saint Brieuc
Saint Maximin
La Roche sur Yon