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 100% LASER  designed and made in France!


Laser Game Evolution is born in Grenoble in France in 1996 on the premises of Laser Game Equipment.

Years of research has continually improve the equipment to arrive at the current plastron: both robust, safe accommodation to make one of the most reliable equipment on the market.

The policy of Laser Game Evolution has always been to provide a fun equipment and that's why the game is 100% laser since its first release for accuracy and fun!


Since its existence, the equipment had 3 versions of material:

The V.0 (pronounced V Zero)

Here is the very first version of the Laser Game Evolution materials.

The V.0 vests possessed a target on the front and a target rear.

At the time, only received keys appear on the dial.

The V.0 was used for 3 years, from 1996 to 1999.

The V.1

The experience of rigid plastic and the V.0 few shocks that occurred (between players and broken equipment) pushed engineers Laser Game Equipment to develop a new material by placing the safety and fun on the front lines: give the possibility to run safely in areas of play.

Thus was born the V.1 which included the main specificities of equipment Laser Game Evolution:

- Compensated foam gun.

Avoiding any risk injury due to impact with a hard plastic gun

- Vest padded foam.

For the race and to cushion any shocks

- Up to 3 teams together

V.1 The colors were red, yellow and green

The V.1 was used for 6 years, 1999 to 2005.

The V.2

With the arrival of the V.2, Laser Game Equipment signed a material that meets the expectations of the players with the arrival of game modes, bases, laser traps and doors.

The scorecards are much more detailed and 3 new targets made their appearance to the delight of "snipers" Fun!

- The color blue team replaces the green

- Target on the gun

- Targets on shoulders

- Detailed Sheets teams

Retail duels, shooting efficiency, ratio keys over time of the game

- Creation of game modes

- Design of game modules: Basics, Pitfalls and laser Doors

V.2 faceplates are used since 2005

The V.3

Laser Game Equipment continues to develop and design new games.

A version 3 of the equipment is under development and will be available soon in the centers!