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Less Gun, more fun!

Because we believe the laser game goes with the fun, we constantly create new surprises for your stay with us is a real moment of escape and distraction.

It's called: SPIRIT LASER!


Laser Game Evolution uses a 100% laser technology making it a precision game in which we must aim just to score points.

Duels are won by the most accurate players (and not necessarily the fastest shooting) leaving a chance to weaker able to escape when they fall on an excited the trigger!

Moreover, the vest and gun foam compounds allowing players to run the course. We think it's more fun to be riding in a racing game ... pursuit!

 #2 Your Game

You can book your games and mazes benefit exclusively for your group!

No risk of falling on experts or on players that do not have the same notion of fair play you.

In addition, you can choose your nickname game, build teams as you like and of course opt for a partie classique or mode de jeu !

End of the game, you'll get a personalized debriefing with comments that some will remember!


To always renew your experience and to provide you maximum fun, we set up regular entertainment in the centers, just for you!

Shoot rabbits

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18h, a giant rabbit may make an appearance. Your mission: to be the first to turn it off to win a free game!

Raptor / Laptor

Weeknights, it is possible that the last player in the game has a chance to catch up. The facilitator will throw a coin in the air like a coin: if the player chose the right side, he won a free game!

Fighter parts

The first of the party may challenge any member of staff in singular duel.

1 single shot, only 1 test to try to win a free game!