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Fan Laser Game Evolution? You want to go even further?

Do not hesitate to contact your center to see if it is a partner of an association of players participating in ligues.Prenez then contact your regional association for complete registration and participation modalities for inter-center meetings.

French Leagues

The first meetings between different centers of players existed since 1999, but it was not until 2005 that the first organized league by players has emerged.

It was called the Nordik League and included the 4 centers of Lille, Brie-Comte-Robert, Arras and Pierrelaye.

The following year the phenomenon has increased in France to reach a total of 5 leagues throughout the Laser Game Evolution network: East, South, North, Britain and Ile de France.


The operation of the leagues has not changed since its creation and takes place in 2 phases:


All teams compete in all the centers of their respective leagues.

This step takes place from October to May on several dates scheduled in advance.


Following the regional games, 2 teams per league qualified for the national final at the end of which the best team will be declared the champion of France!


Players participating in leagues respect rules developed over the years and meetings to get a clean game without fault and with great fair play.

Referees are scattered throughout the maze to report faults and possible breaches of the regulation.

You can find all the tournament rules in the  LexisCodex.

Prize list

Find below all the teams managed to win the title

Champion of France :

2016 : Finale le 10 Juillet à Lyon Dardilly
2015 : Macon
2014 : Charenton-le-Pont
2013 : Grenoble

2012 : Brie-Comte-Robert
2011 : Chambéry
2010 : Chambéry

2009 : Chambéry
2008 : Brie-Comte-Robert
2007 : Lille

2006 : Lille

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