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LGE dans la Pratique

LGE in Partice

Who can play ?

It is not really a minimum age for giggles Laser Game Evolution , that said the game is set in the dark and can be physical because you have the right to run

We recommend that players no longer afraid of the dark and it is imperative to measure more than 1.20m because smaller feet could get caught in the cable connecting the gun to the vest.


Since you will not be mixed with other players you do not know, you will absolutely book your slots game !

Birthday and Happy Game are particularly popular , it is better to book it in advance!

Game T-shirt

Laser Game Evolution is a racing game in which the parties last approximately 20 minutes. We recommend packing a spare shirt if you plan to go out after your games ( albeit keeping the same T -shirt you are assured of space on the dance floor !).

1 - Sign-up

You can choose a nickname and divide your friends into 2 or 3 teams (red, blue or yellow)

2 - Briefing session

We explain how the equipment works, fair-play rules and safety warnings.

3 - The equipment

Each player is suited in the adjustable laser vest and unhooks the laser gun. The host activates all vests for the game to begin.

4 - The game

The aim of the classic game is to score maximum points by targeting your laser beam on the flashing lights on the other teams’ vests.

There are also other game modes available on demand.

Don’t hesitate to ask at the reception desk for further challenging games.

5 - Debriefing

The fateful moment. A victorious moment for those who come in ahead, and the worst nightmare for those at bottom.

But at LGE, even those finishing last may come out ahead.